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Safari Youth Shares Electrifying Album ‘Everybody Else Knows’

There’s a lot to unpack in ‘Everybody Else Knows’. An eclectic, fuzzy and electrifying album, the record showcases the highest level of production and songwriting, a sign that perhaps we are not dealing with up-and-coming personnel… a deeper dive into the project reveals Safari Youth to be none other than Lank & Tank, British production duo with some truly flashing credits to their names.

‘Everybody Else Knows’ is the pair’s foray into a personal project, packing all of their musical expertise and modern production stylings into sleazy indie stylings, the kind of punchy, playful offering one could find in an EA Sports game; plot twist, they are confirmed to be featured on one, with lead single ‘Love It’! 

It’s obvious that Safari Youth are approaching their album rather aggressively, quickly punching out goals and industry milestones, taking their music to a wider audience. Fair: with such talent and incredible musicianship, the pair deserves global recognition, something that we wouldn’t be surprised to see them reaching soon. 

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