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Madame Psychosis Explore Mental Health Hardships in ‘Charlie’s Story’

PREMIERE – The keen reader might remember Canadian outfit Madame Psychosis from a feature we published not long ago. Writing about ‘Revolution’, we proudly declared: “fuzzy, quirky guitars as its main attraction, together with punk-infused drum grooves and evocative, extra-fierce vocals, wrapping the listeners in unmatched charisma”. We stand by our words: the Toronto-based group crafts a hard-hitting, emotional sound that leaves no room for neutrality. You either love it or hate it. 

Now, Madame Psychosis return with ‘Charlie’s Story’, an intense and lyrically dark gem showcasing once again the band’s valuable songwriting. Delving into themes of mental health and behavioural hardship, Madame Psychosis deliver sharp storytelling against an electrifying pop-rock backdrop and a cascade of evocative vocals. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, the group explains: “Focusing on two characters, Charlie and his wife Betty, the song confronts themes of self-harm, desperation, and the profound impact on loved ones”. We are privileged to be able to premiere the record today, ahead of its official release tomorrow (May 23rd), coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Month. 

Recommended! Discover ‘Charlie’s Story’ down below:


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