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Podge Lane Returns With Country-Flavoured Gem ‘Battle Wounds’

It’s interesting to observe artists positively develop, constantly raising the bar of their musical output. For instance, take Irish singer-songwriter Podge Lane: not long ago we featured his single ‘Paradise’, a feel-good, mellow gem which we very enthusiastically described as: “placid guitars and a relaxing flow, just what’s needed to enhance Podge Lane’s evocative vocal tone, confidently delivering accessible lyrical themes with a witty and innocent flair”. 

This week, the Cork resident returns with a more bubbly offering, ‘Battle Wounds’. Navigating a stronger Country aesthetic, Podge Lane blends broken rhythms with steel guitars, light percussions with acoustic guitars. Eventually, we get a piece that’s rowdy and energetic, providing the perfect springboard for the Irish talent’s convoluted vocals, sharing a soothing yet communicative tone. 

What’s interesting is that ‘Battle Wounds’ contains a strong contrast between its musical and lyrical sides. If the instrumental could be loosely defined as ‘uplifting’, the song’s narrative instead focuses on the experience of being taken for granted, or even worst, being ignored. As Podge Lane explains: “It’s a song about those millions of times you’ve sat somewhere and someone empties every thought they’re having without asking anything about you. It’s poking fun at the idea that someone is “always there for you” when they never really are.”

Overall, a worthy release from Lane, who’s constantly pushing his artistic prowess forward. Recommended!

Look out for an upcoming album, releasing early next year. In the meantime though, stream ‘Battle Wounds’ on Spotify:


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