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OURAA Returns with Inspiring Gem ‘Just Breathe’

Marking her return to the global music scene, OURAA showcases once again her glorious musical prowess, manifested through evocative, luscious vocals and a fresh, modern production. The perfect recipe for a track that doesn’t get forgotten easily, ‘Just Breathe’ builds its charming identity on liquid, groovy and slightly soothing RnB stylings, delivering the perfect sonic background for OURAA’s incredible vocal tone, precise and hypnotising.

The record is the result of collaborative work with fellow creative TEE, lending his slow-paced and meaningful rap formula to a track that feels introspective and fragile, empowering acceptance and honesty in all its listeners. The song is a welcome addition to the British music scene, especially in such complex and unstable times. Perhaps that’s exactly when we needed OURAA back: in times of need, enlightened art is the only way forward, and she surely can deliver. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Just Breathe’, the London-based talent explains: “I got to a point where I wanted to re-identify my purpose in life, so I started therapy for my depression and social anxiety, and started going to church a lot more. Things just started falling back into place. I realised that my time with music wasn’t over, and that my purpose in life is to help people – someone out there needs to hear it for their own healing too.”

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