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NORA Shares Fierce Pop Anthem ‘CRIMINAL’

A nuanced and hard-hitting pop gem, ‘CRIMINAL’ is both fierce and melancholic, taking the listener on a self-reflective, honest journey through NORA’s past romantic endeavours. Highlighting how toxicity and co-dependence can quickly take over a relationship, the song touches on the subject with playful and witty charisma, showcasing once again the Norwegian songstress’ genius musical prowess. 

Based in London, NORA has slowly been carving out a space for herself, morphing from a nuanced, jazz-flavoured songwriter into a fully-fledged pop sensation. ‘CRIMINAL’ is the perfect evidence of that: a powerful insight into her personal experiences, the song lets the listener in on her past romantic struggles, while also being proof of how much she’s grown over the years. 

Drenched in a sharp and memorable production, the single is near-pop perfection, the kind of perfection that takes years to develop and emerge – perhaps a sign that NORA is ready for a wider audience. We are confident that ‘CRIMINAL’ will take her there. 

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