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Nick Mintenko Caters To Our Seasonal Blues With New Gem ‘Vagabond’

We came across Nick Mintenko only recently, instantly appreciating his carefree, soulful musical output. You see, it is true that music can embody any emotion, we often find ourselves reflecting on sad tunes or bopping to exciting bangers. But, on days where you are just cruising along life with a smile and a sense of mild happiness, the vibe you want to relate to is a more neutral, relaxing and soothing one. It turns out that Mintenko is a true master of it, crafting empowering, feel-good material that stands at the crossroads of folk and pop, with the constant of his delightful acoustic guitar. 

‘Vagabond’ is Nick’s latest release, perhaps one of his finest endeavours. Balanced over a soul, groovy instrumental, we find a tale of seasonal blues, with the Canadian talent pushing the listeners into facing the end of the summer with fierceness. To note, it is the singer’s nearly perfect vocal tone, so ethereal and light, gently approaching the song with charisma and attitude. The single introduces this fictitious ‘Vagabond’ figure, who we’ll be following over a series of seven weekly releases, to then culminate into a final EP. 

Overall, a convincing effort from the Victoria resident, who once again showcases himself as the refined artist he is. Recommended! 

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