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Moon and Aries: “Indie artists are changing the game, and music is better for it”

The musical project of Jordana Moon and Tom Aries, better known as simply Moon and Aries, has been on our radar since March of this year. An international duo with a penchant for fusing just about every genre and style you can imagine, Gabriel and I have both fallen pretty hard for their tunes. 

Desperate to know more about the origins of Moon and Aries, I was thrilled when Jordana agreed to an interview with us! Chatting about what it’s like living on different continents, the duo’s brand new single ‘Don’t Feed The Demons,’ and who she would love to collaborate with, please give a big welcome to our friend Jordana Moon!

Hey Jordana! Thanks so much for finding the time to chat with us! It’s great to be able to re-introduce you to our new readers! For those who have yet to discover your and Toms’s artistry, who are Moon and Aries and when did your love affairs with music begin?

Hi! Thanks so much for having me. I can absolutely re-introduce us to your readers. So when did our musical journey start? I’d say little Tom was about 3 on the piano, and I was 3 singing with my little tape recorder lol. So yes, we both started early in life because we felt drawn to our purpose from day one. Then we were both just obsessed with music growing up and kept working hard on our craft. 

With one of you based in Canada (Jordana) and the other in Germany (Tom), you keep proving that borders are no obstacle when crafting new music. It must play some role though. How does this dynamic shape the way you approach the songwriting process?

Yeah, I guess all you know is what you know lol. I’m curious to know how our music would sound if we were in the same studio/city! There’s something about having to bring a deeper part of yourself when you are so far apart. It’s like we need a stronger connection, so we reach to our core and we reach to the stars. All we can do is our best, but there is something special about our dynamic that allows the writing process to unfold very naturally and truthfully. 

The title track from your debut album ‘The Arrival’ has been played on Spotify over one million times! How on earth does it feel to know that so many people have heard it and, more importantly, have resonated with one of your songs?

‘The Arrival’ is a very special song to us. This title-themed our first album, and we are still in awe at how it gained a decent amount of listens. It’s nice to know that we struck a chord with people and it has kept us so motivated. It’s important for us to connect with the listener because we make music that brings up different ideas and concepts, so to have a certain level of success with such unique themes has been really amazing for us. 

Not long ago, you released a brand new single called ‘Don’t Feed The Demons’. It’s another absolute winner! I love it! What can you tell our readers about the tune? Do you remember it’s “birth”?

Thank you so much for these kind words! I can always tell by the theme and Tom’s instrumental that the song is going to have a very unique destiny. All I have to do is make sure I tell the best story possible and sing the crap out of it haha! No big deal, right?  We are truly trying to bring to life these topics that affect us day to day. And if the song comes together, then that makes us very happy. 

Who would you credit, or give a shout-out to, for helping shape your overall musical soundscape?

Tom and I have the same inspirations like ABBA, Portishead, Massive Attack, Depeche Mode, Kate Bush and The Bee Gees to name a few. We definitely look up to these songwriters and vocalists. It’s really handy that Tom and I love the same music lol!

What are your thoughts on the music industry as a whole? What changes would you make?

Things are moving in a very positive direction, and I believe it’s us who are making it all happen. Indie artists are changing the game, and music is better for it. Major record labels focused so much on the idol that it overshadowed the music. I think music is making a comeback. For me, I would much rather our music speak for itself. Tom and I don’t need to be on the cover of People magazine. 

If you were allowed to collaborate with one musician or band, who would you choose?

At this very moment, I’ll take Massive Attack. If we made a trip-hop album alongside them, yeah, that would be insanely insane! 

Thank you so much for chatting with us you guys! It’s been an absolute treat! What comes next for Moon and Aries?

Always more music. We love creating and sharing and will always continue to do so. As far as performances and such, yes, we are working towards this. Thanks so much for the chat today! It was a pleasure. 


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