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mike by name Returns with Funky Offering ‘The Vibe Operator’

We recently wrote about mike by name’s eclectic artistry on these very same pages, praising his previous effort ‘Every Soul Is a Good Soul’: “The track is almost hypnotising, built on a wholesome and electronic-filled loop featuring a drum machine and a few synthesisers”. We stand by our words – mike by name is a creative you should keep an eye out for. Crucially, he’s unveiled a new record, ‘The Vibe Operator’, a stunning, playful, groovy and uplifting track, once again opening the road to a larger release, a sci-fi rock opera album of the same name.

From the single, the listeners can expect old-school funk and disco vibes, manifested mainly through the use of charming guitars and bouncy drum grooves, the perfect setting for such a feel-good number. Choruses open the sonic references a fair bit, delving into more poppy and indie stylings. It all showcases mike by name’s kaleidoscopic musical prowess, capable of jumping from genre to genre in the space of a section. 

Describing the train of thoughts behind ‘The Vibe Operator’ (the larger album), the American talent explains: “The Vibe Operator is a fictional science fiction story that fuses live music, live theatre, and cinema in a modern fusion of mediums designed to subvert audience expectations and take them on a journey they’ll groove to and think about for days afterwards.”

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