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mike by name Delivers His Stylish Single ‘Feed My Dreams With Funk’

mike by name is the musical project of New York City-based singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and essentially Mr. jack of all trades Mike Moore. ‘Feed My Dreams With Funk’ is the musician’s brand new single, and it will form part of his upcoming sci-fi rock opera album called ‘The Vibe Operator’, which Mike wrote, produced, recorded, and engineered himself. As you perhaps might have guessed, the tune is a seriously funky and groovy little number, with one of the sexiest basslines you’ve ever heard and a rocky riff that just gets you off your feet!

Mike’s ability to seamlessly blend different elements of funk, rock, and soul all into one beautiful and timeless track is truly masterful. It’s, undoubtedly, what separates the good from the great, and Mike has shown that he’s up to the task.    

“‘Feed My Dreams With Funk’ is told from the perspective of The Vibe Operator,” says the artist. “Who we’ll learn more about this spring when the concept album drops”. I simply cannot wait to seek my teeth into it. I love Mike’s style and swagger. He’s a genuine and authentic musician, something often hard to come by these days. Treasure him!  

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Feed My Dreams With Funk’ on Spotify now:


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