Me loshaw Shares Meaningful Single ‘Don’t Get Out’

Exuding character and energy, Canadian popstar Me loshaw (aka Hazel L) returns to the international music scene with her latest effort, celebrating the fertile and creative streak that she seems to have been blessed with this year. ‘Don’t Get Out’ follows the Torontonian songstress’ kaleidoscopic formula, an explosion of eclecticism and sensual energy that’s bound to connect even with the most apathetic of listeners. 

Usually at the crossroads of reggaeton, EDM and pop, Me loshaw decides to explore contemporary deep house and tech house, giving ‘Don’t Get Out’ an irresistible livery. Against steady, enigmatic beats, the Canadian talent deploys a topline that feels nostalgic and melancholic, while being strangely addicting and hypnotising. The record benefits from the expert production by West Side. 

Speaking about the fragile and delicate theme inspiring the song, Me loshaw explains:  “Don’t Get Out’ was inspired by the passing of one of my best friends; the lyrics came when I was looking out the window like I would when I was a teenager, and reminiscing about my old school friends, neighbours and family.”

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