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Mayday 13’s Debut Album ‘Dreaming Is Easy’ is Outstanding

Mayday 13 is the musical project of New Jersey-based multi-instrumentalist and alternative-pop artist Brian Hadley. Earlier this month, he put out his official debut in the form of a nine-track album entitled ‘Dreaming Is Easy’, and it’s gracefully wormed its sombre way straight into my heart. It’s an album that, thematically, explores emotions, relationships, hope, and redemption. Ultimately, Brian’s message is one of never losing sight of the dreams you hold dear. Written, played, recorded, and produced entirely by himself, ‘Dreaming Is Easy’ is one of the finest debut albums I’ve ever heard.

‘Rheadish’ sets the scene perfectly. A build-up of sonic textures and an enticing piano draw you straight into Mayday 13’s world, before ‘Nobody’ gets effortlessly introduced. Now we get to hear Brian’s heartfelt, soulful, and tender vocals. One gets the feeling that the musician is still building and layering his sound, carefully crafting each element, as if laying the foundation for a captivating journey that he is about to reveal to us in its entirety.

Other standout songs on the album are the beautiful ‘Spirits’, the punchy ‘Organs’, and the album’s closer ‘This Is The End’. If I’m being perfectly honest though, the entire record deserves your full attention. What a debut! We can’t wait to hear more!

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘Dreaming Is Easy’ on Spotify now:


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