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Matt DeAngelis Shares Societal Struggles in ‘Can’t Write About Today’

The way music can connect to our deeper thoughts and fear is extraordinary. We should know, since we listen to it all day. Such a powerful outlet for expression. Being the societal role of art so crucial for the well-being of our communities, it is only natural to observe lyrical themes shift in periods of economic troubles and political challenges. That’s why, lately, lots of talented songwriters are focusing their efforts on describing the current chaos  – perhaps seeing it as a way to deal with darker feelings. Matt DeAngelis is one of those musical heroes. 

Championing a rich and nuanced mellow rock style, the New Jersey-based creative has just released a powerful, honest and emotional song, mainly exploring how complicated our current reality is. ‘Can’t Write About Today’ is all that and even more: a sensible and polite anthem of acceptance and inner doubts, the song aims to offer listeners a slice of solace and comfort, rejoicing in DeAngelis’ majestic and evocative vocals. 

Set on a timeless AOR imprint, ‘Can’t Write About Today’ is a truly classic listen – the type of song that is set to remain fresh for a few decades, at least. Describing the process behind the record’s lyricism, Matt explains: “During one of my all-time spiritual lows, I express my utter grief at not being able to even write about these happenings, much less think about tomorrow […] I ultimately believe in hope for the future, that we will come together as a race, overcome our differences, live in peace, become responsible stewards of our planet.”

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