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Matt Deangelis Shares Positivity Bop ‘All Good Things’

A slice of positivity and uplifting energy, ‘All Good Things’ aims to empower the listeners, offering some comfort against a reality that seems to getting darker by the day. A mellow, wholesome and evocative effort, the track is built on friendly and approachable pop stylings, with a healthy dose of piano and clean guitars. The result is a textbook pop anthem, drenched in poignancy and heartfelt lyricism. Deangelis’ relatable and warm vocals crown the record with elegance and ease, sealing the deal on an already stunning offering.

Speaking about the inspiration behind such a gem, the American singer and songwriter explains: “A song I originally wrote about the conclusion of my childhood and the transition into adulthood. While it is true that the carefree times of childhood always come to an end, bigger and better things are in store for the future, even though it signals your innocence has been left behind.”

An invitation to not let dark thoughts overwhelm your future outlook, ‘All Good Things’ wants to reiterate how change is positive and much-needed, allowing us to grow as individuals. Once again, Deangelis showcases his irresistible songwriting prowess, allowing him to connect with a wider audience. 

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