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Maria Lane Shines on Haunting Indie-Pop Marvel ‘carrie white’

Inspired by Stephen King’s debut horror novel ‘Carrie’, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter and guitarist Maria Lane has gifted us her latest single ‘carrie white’. Taking a very different sonic path from her previous project ’35 days’, the tune sees Maria return to a more indie-pop sound. Eerie keys and the artist’s dreamy vocals get proceedings underway, as the track effortlessly builds itself up layer upon layer. Haunting, textured, and deeply immersive, it’s a song that stays with you long after your first listen.

“I’ve always felt like Carrie White’s story resonated with me,” says Lane. “I think a lot of people see her as the villain in the story and I’ve never seen that”. It’s a tune that is bound to connect with those who have experienced some form of bullying and mistreatment, but it’s also a song that Maria wants people to dance to and simply enjoy.

‘carrie white’ is going down as one of my favourite tracks of the year. I just love everything about this ethereal and dreamlike masterpiece, and the best news is that if it’s a tune that also tickles your fancy, there’s a whole lot more Maria Lane still to discover. Go on…dive in…you won’t be disappointed!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘carrie white’ on Spotify now:


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