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Mara Liddle Returns with Hyper-Pop Gem ‘girl of your dreams’

Slowly evolving into a hyper-pop sensation, British riser Mara Liddle seems to have now found a winning formula, combining bubblegum pop with leftfield tones and PC Music-flavoured melodies. Combine all that with hazy, pink-powered imagery and you have an impressive display of artistry and guided creativity. We are pretty familiar with the Nottingham-based songstress; writing about her debut EP ‘Stalemate’, we proudly declared it: “an impressive body of work laced with experimental tones and glitchy sound designs”.

‘girl of your dreams’ is the single that sees Liddle back in the new music game. A more complex and complete record than its predecessors, the track confirms Mara’s constant artistic growth. The sound is certainly mature, boasting increased depth and a grounded outlook. Striking the perfect balance between punchy, playful beats and high-pitched, mellow synth tones, ‘girl of your dreams’ also flourishes on Liddle’s malleable, flashy vocals, here drenched in autotune goo – as it’s fashionable within the genre. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Liddle explains: “I’d heard through a friend who’d through a friend that a guy who I only knew in passing fancied me. It freaked me out. All that he knew about me was what he’d seen in the corridors at work, or on my Instagram page – was that enough?”

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