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Major Kami’s ‘Skandal’ is a Powerful Electro-Pop Banger

Bordeaux-based synth-pop artist Major Kami (who is also a member of the French collective DAMde8) just dropped her brand new single in the form of ‘Skandal’, a dark, alternative, electro-pop banger that you can just imagine hearing in the new season of Stranger Things. Deep synths and a pulsating beat meet the powerful, ethereal, and dynamic vocals of the musician, as ‘Skandal’ slowly builds itself up into a rich and cinematic tune that I’ve instantly fallen in love with. It’s catchy and infectious and, combined with the 80s-pop-chorus, virtually impossible to not bob your head along to. 

‘Skandal’ has been described lyrically as a song about difference. About looking at the so-called misfits in our society and, rather than denigrate, embracing those who feel as if they don’t quite fit in with the rest.

The track forms part of Major Kami’s brand new EP of the same name. Featuring three original tracks and instrumental accompaniments for all, the full EP makes for a super interesting and almost dreamlike adventure. We have no doubt that big things are around the corner for this incredibly talented artist.

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Skandal’ on Spotify now:


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