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Mad Painter Gear up for New Album with ‘Empty Bottles’

Sometimes they come back. It’s been a while since we caught Mad Painter’s releasing a new record – time flies! Gearing up for an upcoming third album, the Boston-based group is now back with ‘Empty Bottles’, a long and euphoric single that’s highly alluring and electrifying. If this is any indication of what Mad Painter has been working on, we are in for a stunning album! 

Built on rolling, powerful drums and a complex tapestry of organ and guitar textures, ‘Empty Bottles’ could be defined as ‘chaotic’ by some, but we’d rather choose the word ‘rowdy’: punchy, uplifting and energetic, the track also boasts a decisively retro flair, in particular exploring 70s psychedelia and eclectic pop. Alex Gitlin’s charming vocals are a perfect fit for such a convincing piece. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, Mad Painter explains: “People scared of each other, standing closely deemed a threat. Sound familiar? It wasn’t that long ago. But this song delivers hope to all those who want to persevere in the face of adversity – you will succeed in the end. Maybe it’s about us in equal measure as it is about our audience”.

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