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Lewis Muller Returns with Pop Banger ‘Don’t Rush’

Look: ‘Don’t Rush’ is not necessarily the best soundtrack for a Monday, we know… we couldn’t wait to share it with you, though. Fierce and incredibly evocative, the single is the latest pop banger from Amsterdam-based songwriter and popstar-in-training Lewis Muller. Built over luscious and sensual electronic stylings, the track successfully blends lyrical naughtiness, club-powered grooves and an overall sense of blissfulness, particularly relevant in the many long textures and ethereal soundscapes.

Clocking in at just under three minutes, ‘Don’t Rush’ is perfectly in sync with modern taste, hitting the listeners thick and fast with empowering vibes and cathartic energy. The result is a premium aural experience that’s as elegant as it is daring. What’s more, the song anticipates an upcoming EP. 

Exploring intimacy and the desire for intense love, ‘Don’t Rush’ is rather tongue-in-cheek in its lyricism. As Muller explains: “‘Don’t Rush’ is the feeling of never having enough of someone. They are the air you breathe. It’s a celebration of sex, passion and desire.”

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