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Letters From Suburbia Criticizes American Healthcare in ‘Medical Boomerang’

‘Medical Boomerang’ is a curious example of how the sonic references and the lyrical ones can complement each other, even emerging from completely different territories. Built on an electrifying and uplifting pop-punk livery, the song is much deeper than anyone could guess at first listen. While the arrangement is rather playful and vibrant, Letters From Suburbia’s nuanced songwriting explores a very serious theme. 

American healthcare. Seemingly a pandora’s vase, the talented pop-punk creative delves into personal experience and shares his ruthless, complicated relationship with a system where the user is almost always losing. As he explains: “This song is everything I’ve ever wanted to express about dealing with corporate health care in modern America. Modern medicine is not all that it’s cracked up to be… if you can even afford it.”

Expensive and slow, the health system in the US was frustrating enough for Letter From Suburbia to put pen to paper. The result is ‘Medical Boomerang’, a track that’s well worth your time – you might also agree with him…

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