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Lee Miller Matsos Returns With Empowering Anthem ‘Life Force Lullaby’

We discovered American lyricist and singer Lee Miller Matsos not long ago. Writing about one of his previous records, we proudly declared: “After a period of deep research, he’s now back with what feels like the beginning of a new, important chapter. Championing a classic, organic pop sound, he’s instantly putting himself on the map as a gifted and worthy musical artist.”

Well, that period of research definitely paid off, with ‘The Only One’ – his debut effort – gaining more than 10k streams on Spotify alone. Now, the Wooster native doubles down and shares a new record, ‘Life Force Lullaby’. In it, the listener will find Matsos’ signature heartwarming and empowering lyricism, drenched in modern production vibes.

Although Lee Miller can boast extensive classical musical training, it is surprising to observe him crafting perfect pop tracks. It showcases he’s a true creative, able to absorb the sounds and influences around him.  Describing the theme behind ‘Life Force Lullaby’, Matsos explains: “The track is about being saved – not FROM the things we fear, but BY GOING THROUGH the things we fear (things life can ask of us or force upon us). That’s where we find a force to help us that defies all explanation.”

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