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Lee Miller Matsos Debuts With Poignant Piece ‘The Only One’

Sometimes, all we need is to kickstart something new. For Wooster resident Lee Miller Matsos, that meant taking a break from his opera and theatre background, in order to focus on more contemporary artistic expression. After a period of deep research, he’s now back with what feels like the beginning of a new, important chapter. ‘The Only One’ is Miller Matsos’ debut effort, and showcases his songwriting prowess next to an evocative vocal tone. Championing a classic, organic pop sound, he’s instantly putting himself on the map as a gifted and worthy musical artist. 

Exploring chunks of human experience, Lee is passionate about the wide and intense emotions that govern our reality. As such, he focuses on grief and regrets, describing how coming to terms with them is possible, it just takes time. ‘The Only One’ puts this thinking into lyrics and frequencies, developing a charming and heartwarming tune that we are confident will go a long way in gaining Miller Matsos’ new listeners. 

Describing the idea behind the track, the talented singer and songwriter explains: “We are never alone in our pain, as much as it may seem that way. We walk together through it, while at the same time experiencing our own unique journeys.”

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