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Kele Fleming Joined Forces with Cholly on ‘Sea in Me (Remix)’

The keen reader might be already familiar with Kele Fleming. Hailing from Canada, the inspired songstress has been long championing a luscious, organic and cathartic artistry, built over intricate Folk arrangements and honest storytelling. ‘Sea in Me’ is the perfect evidence of that; an anthemic, slow-burn jewel packed with fragility and authenticity. 

Now, Fleming looks to revitalize her sonic livery with the help of British alchemist Cholly, infusing ‘Sea in Me’ with a healthy dose of bold yet nuanced electronica, and a certain avant-garde flair. It’s intriguing: the talented London-based producer manages to take Kele’s vocals into extraordinary settings, showcasing the project in a different, yet very mesmerising light. 

While the references generate in the synth-pop and leftfield realm, Fleming’s enchanting tone remains the same, now supercharged by long reverbs and cleverly put-together harmonies. Cholly struck gold here, taking the record to a whole new level of musical catharsis. 

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