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Kate Odulukwe Shares Afropop Gem ‘Live and Let Me Live’

With Afrobeat slowly rising to global domination, it is no surprise to receive such a strong track from Kate Odulukwe. Living in New York, she proudly champions her Nigerian heritage, powerfully expressed through art and music. Her latest single, ‘Live and Let Me Live’, is a shining example of the power of music in bringing together cultures and experiences. 

Drawing on both traditional Nigerian music and modern R&B and pop influences, the song ends up fitting the ‘afropop’ category, boasting mainstream lyricism with afrobeat flavourings. The title itself, a translation of the lgbo phrase “biri ka mbiri”, is a powerful reminder to enjoy life instead of worrying about its struggles.

Let’s take a moment to admire Odulukwe’s soulful vocals, guiding the listener with charm and flair through a track that’s both soothing and groovy, inspiring the listeners into being their best selves. Of course, such talent didn’t just appear magically, instead was a product of a long artistic journey, reflected in her current musical output. 

Having been a shy and quiet child, music became her refuge, allowing Kate to develop her craft and bring her Nigerian and American heritage together in her music and live performances. ‘Live and Let Me Live’ was co-produced by Odulukwe and a Nigerian producer via Zoom, and recorded, mixed, and mastered in New York.

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