Julio Inglez Narrates a Tale of Love in ‘Consequence’

Penned by multi-talented artist Julio Inglez, ‘Consequence’ is an intimate and deeply personal exploration of love’s bittersweet nature, drenched in modern and dreamy pop vibes and an intimate tapestry of textures. Rooted in personal experience, the song narrates the tale of a relationship where genuine love exists between two people, yet they are fated to part ways. 

Evident from the single is the stunning quality of Inglez’s vocals: luscious, controlled, constantly oscillating between soothing and intense, the perfect delivery vehicle for ‘Consequence’. A poignant reflection on the inevitability of a breakup and the desire to shield a loved one from the pain of that impending separation, the record is destined to conquer the project a wider audience – mark our words. 

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