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Julia Klot Returns with Uplifting Slice of Goodness ‘Boxing Gloves’

It’s quite interesting to observe artistic projects shifting their cultural and sonic references, changing over time. After all, isn’t music just a direct expression of its author? Take Julia Klot: some of you might remember her for a stunning acoustic and orchestral EP, ‘Ghost’, released back in 2021. She then took an extensive creative hiatus, bringing her back to the scene only recently with a vastly different sound. Leaving poignant piano and strings behind, Klot feels more empowered than ever, boasting newly-found confidence with a punchier and uplifting pop sound. 

‘Boxing Gloves’ is the result we all can admire. In it, we can observe the natural yet unexpected evolution enjoyed by the project. When life circumstances changed, Julia felt the need to express herself in different ways. And that’s okay, that’s what art is – an expression of our current being. In particular, ‘Boxing Gloves’ tells the story of a friendship coming to an end, after fading into cold and competitive territories. “At the end of the day, I decided to take a step back from the friendship and put down the “boxing gloves” – Klot explains. 

Sonically, the record feels euphoric and positive, exhibiting a sound that borrows intensively from Soul, Funk and Classic Pop, including a generous horns section. What more could you want? Join Julia Klot in her newly-found fierce self. 

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