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Jean RN Shares Experimental EP ‘SKID MARKZ’

While ‘SKID MARKZ’ may not be a record for everyone, the keen listener will gladly rejoice in its sonic genius and eclectic references. You see, the way British producer and visionary Jean RN is able to organize a kaleidoscopic palette of electronic glory is certainly innovative, as if he was to borrow small fragments of energy from neighbouring genres, the likes of vaporwave, club music and leftfield. It all gets distilled by Jean RN’s artistic wizardry, allowing him to deliver music that feels borderless, universal, and unheard of. 

‘SKID MARKZ’ – the project’s latest EP – features four tracks, all showcasing a diverse background and a strong identity. Take for instance opener ‘30th May 2022’, a piece that’s a statement of intent, opening the floodgates for musical enlightening. Featuring vocal samples, synth-powered arpeggios and noisy and glitchy breaks, it’s a real treasure trove of references. 

‘Song for C’ delves into glitch-pop territories, while ‘Sure’ feels more vaporwave-y and chillwave-y, while preserving a noisy character. ‘Diarrhea’ brings the record to a close in experimental fashion, with a track that’s quite abstract and ever-evolving. Describing the inspiration behind the EP, Jean RN explains: “I found myself writing songs about people whom I no longer knew – how although they were no longer a presence in my life, the memories and lessons learned from them remain on my mind (mental skid marks, if you will)”

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