Jane Allison Shares Anthemic Jewel ‘Frayed’

Delving into ‘Frayed’ means entering Jane Allison’s nuanced artistic universe, a place where one can often find solace, comfort and a catchy melody to latch onto. You see, the Welsh songstress is not only a Folk authority, but she’s also an all-round creative, dedicating her life to making everyone less miserable through sympathetic art and relatable themes. You might recognize her as actress Jane Stanness, for instance, or for her feats in the scriptwriting world. 

‘Frayed’ is Allison’s latest music gem, and we are here for it. Taken from her collaborative album with Alonza Bevan, ‘Like Magdalene’, the single feels anthemic and legendary, pairing a melancholic, haunting arrangement with her evocative, trobairitz-style vocals, so malleable and intense. 

Flourishing into a thousand harmonies and a dreamy, resolutive character, ‘Frayed’ focuses on appealing to our rebellious side, empowering listeners to be mindful of false acquaintances. As Allison explains: “A song dealing in the quiet rebellion against vampires and villains who come in the guise of leaders, lovers or friends. A tale of triumph over duplicity and deception, betrayal and treason – whether of the heart, on the battlefield – or everyday life behind closed doors”. 

Recommended! Discover ‘Frayed’ on Spotify, and look out for the music video, releasing on August 4th: 


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