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Ines Rae Returns with Vibrant Jewel ‘Flinch’

As pop songs go, ‘Flinch’ is a perfect record. Lyrically nuanced and poignant, the track gets given a lush and vibrant sonic livery in the form of dreamy indie-pop with a decisively mainstream flair. It’s an identity that truly suits Ines Rae: known to most as the talented artist behind ‘Never Get It Right’ (featured in Netflix’s hit show ‘Emily in Paris’), the London-based songstress has been slowly but fiercely carving out a space for herself, all with overwhelming industry support. 

It’s easy to understand why that support doesn’t stop coming. Through introspective, relatable songwriting and honey-like melodies, Rae is a fitting interpreter of contemporary sensibility, seen through the lens of a bold young woman. ‘Flinch’ continues on that narrative, exploring unmatched love and relationship troubles. 

The chorus in the song is particularly strong – catchy and relentless, a true earworm for summer. Delving deeper into the lyrics, Ines explains: “The song paints a picture of building yourself up for a decisive moment, only to find the other side indifferent. It’s a powerful portrayal of moving on, where the person or place you’re leaving behind seems completely unaffected”.

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