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IKON Returns with R&B Jewel ‘MIND’

Vibrant and hypnotising, ‘MIND’ introduces itself with a rather charming vocal harmony, slowly leaving space for an old-school R&B beat and IKON’s evocative, nuanced vocals. A single that’s soothingly nostalgic and familiar, yet interesting and refreshing in its execution. Hailing from Prague, the talented creative has learned a lot from neo-soul heroes and hip-hop pillars, something that certainly transpires in ‘MIND’ – a track that sounds as if coming straight out from the US West Coast. 

Moving with elegance and poignancy, IKON here showcases his malleable and extensive tone, able to reach high notes with ease and control. The contrast with lower registry vocal harmonies works very well, creating a sort of musical chiaroscuro that perfectly conveys the lyrical message. 

Sharing a tale of personal introspection and reflective melancholy, we are confident that ‘MIND’ will connect with the listeners positively, allowing them to enjoy a short yet memorable taste of what IKON stands for. 

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