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heavy on the heart. Return with Fierce Alt-Rock Jewel ‘Not Now, Love’

We wrote about upcoming American group heavy on the heart. earlier this year, presenting ‘Mr. Know It All’. Now, the alt-rock outfit return with their latest effort, a charming and fierce guitar-powered anthem set to conquer listeners worldwide. ‘Not Now, Love’ is a slice of fury goodness, a moment of saturated stillness blessed by the evocative and relatable vocals of Nikki Brady, really guiding the record forward with authority and drive. 

Lyrically, ‘Not Now, Love’ tells the story of two individuals unable to act upon their love despite their undeniable connection. The lyrics are filled with raw emotion, allowing listeners to connect on a personal level. Produced and recorded by Gary Cioni at Sound Acres Recording Studio, with mixing by Phil Dubnick, the sonic quality enjoyed by the single enhances the band’s captivating sound. 

Costas Themistocleous, Nick Kolokathis and Andrew Nicolae complete a compelling lineup, all showcasing their musical prowess through heavy on the heart.’s blend of melodic guitar riffs, powerful drum beats, and luscious vocals. They do deserve your attention – don’t overlook the project. 

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