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Grace & Moji Release Music Video For Dreamy Debut ‘Our Love’

‘Our Love’ is the insanely beautiful debut single from the enchanting indie husband and wife duo of Grace Hong and Martin Wave. Performing under the moniker of Grace & Moji, the tune serves as an ode to the pair’s unbreakable bond. An anthem about their relationship traversing the journeys and the struggles. Through a dreamy and lush soundscape filled with delicate guitars and gorgeous piano work, the duo’s harmonising vocals add that extra layer of warmth and nostalgia to proceedings. Honestly, as far as debut releases go, this is up there with the very best! It’s just an outrageously well-crafted and rich earworm that I can’t stop listening to!

Based in Los Angeles, Grace & Moji have a shared desire of channeling their life experiences into art. It’s how they share their stories, truths, and quirky personalities with the rest of the world. If ‘Our Love’ is anything to go by, we’re in for a serious treat!

The song will feature on the duo’s forthcoming debut album, and they’ve also just released a stunning video to go alongside the track. Check it out below! Grace and Martin, we are eagerly awaiting your album, but for now, this will do just fine!

Serious tune and video alert! Enjoy ‘Our Love’ on Spotify and YouTube now:


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