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Grace McLean Returns with Elegant Jewel ‘Albertine’

The keen reader might recall Grace McLean for an article we did a few months ago, praising her single ‘My Lovely Enemy’ as “one of the most original, quirky and authentic offerings we have heard in a while”. We stand by our words; the New York-based songstress sits on a wealth of musicianship that’s frankly staggering. ‘Albertine’, the project’s latest release, showcases exactly that. 

‘Albertine’ introduces McLean in poignant settings, embarking on a distinctly classic pop journey while being drenched in cinematic and orchestral sound design. There’s a lot of organic instrumentation here, something we don’t hear often nowadays. Grace’s evocative and cathartic vocals dominate the track with their charismatic character. 

The ending is incredibly hypnotising, referencing jazz, soul and pop with class and immense elegance. The alchemy between the drums and strings is unmatched, making for a truly emotional single. Delving into the song’s lyricism, McLean explains: “I borrowed the name of Proust’s lover in ‘Remembrance of Things Past’ for this song; I wanted to take that notion of an unknowable, unpredictable, and capricious lover and write about how the moment the delicate, exquisite, and irreversible tear in the relationship may finally bring clarity.”

Recommended! Look out for Grace McLean’s upcoming album. 


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