Gemfaire Debuts with Hyper-Pop Jewel ‘ChatGPT’

Delving into Gemfaire is quite a trip. She’s not only a gifted singer and creative, but also a widely popular social media influencer and tech guru. A multi-talented artist, the young American now debuts in music with a stunning, dazzling and futuristic hyper-pop number, ‘ChatGPT’. Returning to her childhood passion – aka writing and performing music – Gemfaire goes full circle, signalling the personal and professional growth she has endured in the past few years. 

Now, with renowned fierceness and a precise vision, the Santa Barbara resident scrambles the contemporary industry landscape, offering a piece that starts with an acoustic guitar but soon evolves into a complex maze of bright synthetisers and glitched beats. What’s more relevant though, is Gemfaire’s precise and playful vocals, channelling Hannah Diamond’s vibes. A healthy dose of autotune gives her tone a rather robotic quality, something that’s completely on brand, in this case.

Describing the inspiration behind the song, she explains: “This is what I like to imagine it would sound like if Isaac Asimov [prolific science fiction writer] got yassified and made pop music”

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