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Francis Eden Does it Again with Beautiful Gem ‘Two Fish’

Sydney-based singer/songwriter and producer Francis Eden is a true indie artist in every sense of the word. Doing all the recording, mixing, and mastering herself, Francis enjoys the freedom to say and create what she wants. After taking a week off work and hiring a rehearsal room to do nothing but write songs, she describes her latest single ‘Two Fish’ as being “the best out of the ten” that she wrote. Incorporating a fusion of blues, pop, and a whole lot of soul, the talented musician has crafted a tune, and an overall soundscape really, this is uniquely hers. 

The piano-driven ‘Two Fish’ tells a simple yet charming tale of love. It speaks to that indescribable feeling of having someone in your life that you just want to be around all of the time because, ultimately, they make you a better person and vice versa. “It feels amazingly simple to be around someone that truly understands you,” says Eden.

Confession time! I actually first discovered Francis when she released her beautiful debut single ‘Fool’s Gold’. ‘Keeping Time’ is another incredible track of hers, and she now proudly adds ‘Two Fish’ to her super solid discography. 

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Two Fish’ on Spotify now:


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