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Florida Share Nostalgic Album ‘Metal Detector’

There’s a charming aura of mystery behind Florida. Nothing crazy or gloomy, but hear me out: we don’t really know who they are or how they got here. We are only aware of their music, which is pretty good: a nostalgic yet punchy blend of pop and rock with decisively glam and 90s references. In other words, it’s guitar-powered matter that’s digestible and relatable. What more could you want? 

There’s also one more thing we know about Florida. Where they are from…. The clue is in the name. Hailing from the sunny city of St. Petersburg, the group has recently unveiled ‘Metal Detector’, an album that’s worth giving a listen to. Featuring a collection of short yet memorable gems, the record offers a detailed view of Florida’s songwriting prowess, constantly oscillating between melancholia and anthemic stylings. 

Over nine pieces, the listeners will familiarise themselves with the band’s giant musical throwback. To be fair, since we live in a world that’s constantly recycling old trends, ‘Metal Detector’ doesn’t really feel vintage, just… experienced, if you will. An album with a lot of wisdom. 

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