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‘Fall for U’ by UK-based Luke Targett is an Electro-Pop Banger

Luke Targett is an independent music producer, artist, multi-instrumentalist, and coffee enthusiast hailing from Southampton in the UK. A true DIY musician in every sense, Targett spent years writing and producing for other artists before eventually deciding to showcase his own original material. ‘Fall for U’ is one such piece of material. Released last month, the synthy, electro-pop banger is the perfect introduction for any newcomers to Targett’s sound. Energetic, lively, and laced with nostalgia. Just perfect!

As the title suggests, ‘Fall for U’ is a song about falling head over heels for someone. “Someone who improves your life in the day-to-day by just being present,” says Targett. With this, he proves himself to be not just a wonderful musician, but an incredibly talented storyteller too.

The track features an upbeat rhythm and catchy synth-driven melodies that are sure to get listeners tapping their feet and humming along. The infectious chorus and upbeat energy of the song make it the perfect addition to any summer playlist. With its bright and uplifting vibe, ‘Fall for U’ is a standout track that showcases Targett’s skill as a songwriter and producer.

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Fall for U’ on Spotify now:


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