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Enter The Plebs’ Crypto-Powered Music Universe

The Plebs is such a mysterious, cryptic and peculiar project that we had to share it. Keeping their identities hidden, the humans behind such an endeavour define themselves as “lovers of music and crypto” – an approach that explains a lot about their futuristic take on their music. ‘Eye of The Pleb’ is their latest effort, a surprising cover rendition of Survivor’s ‘Eye of the Tiger’. 

As you would expect, they go about it their own way. Over a synthetic, Daft Punk-flavoured sonic livery, The Plebs uses generative spoken word to enunciate the lyrics, something that creates a dystopian effect, a striking clash of technology and music that ends up being charismatic and interesting. 

Produced by TheMoonBoy06 and Angel44, the record exists within the context of the $PLEB token community, a crypto, Web3-powered label which promises to deliver many more singles in the future. Look out for them, it’s an interesting project. 

Discover ‘Eye of The Pleb’ on Youtube:


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