Eno-Obong Shares Enlightened Hip Hop EP ‘Piedmont Park’

Reminding us of the same artistic nuances and complexity shared by the likes of Flying Lotus and Nosaj Thing, among others, Eno-Obong can be considered a sonic wizard, a solitary hero in a desolated land made up of TikTok trends and feeble melodies. Championing a sample-based hip-hop style rooted in community and tradition, the Dallas resident manages to craft material that feels personal and authentic, celebrating a plethora of influences in the process. 

‘Piedmont Park’ is Eno-Obong’s latest effort, a relatively short yet punchy and ever-modulating EP, drawing a steady line towards wonky grooves, vintage recordings and soul-flavoured instrumentation. To be fair, the whole record feels more like an interrupted stream of consciousness, with the talented producer showcasing his work through enlightened sonic fragments and meaningful choices. 

Speaking about the EP, he explains: “The EP serves as a compelling exploration of the thin boundary that separates our choices, shedding light on the unsettling simplicity of veering towards the wrong path through Freaknik culture.”

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