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Enjoy the Delicate and Ethereal Sounds of Anna Elyse’s ‘Slot Machines’

My only complaint about the brand new tune from Anna Elyse is its brevity! I find myself yearning for more! Based in Orange County, the singer/songwriter and producer recently unveiled ‘Slot Machines’, an incredibly beautiful little song that explores the realisation of one having outgrown a situation. “You try to make it work,” says Anna. “Like sitting at a slot machine continuing to pull the lever in the hopes that you’ll hit the jackpot the next time around”. 

Delicate and inviting keys set the scene for Elyse’s latest track before her ethereal, dreamy, and otherworldly vocals make their appearance. Effortlessly building itself up, layer by layer, ‘Slot Machines” minimalist soundscape allows Anna to take centre stage…and she doesn’t disappoint for a second! In just two and a half minutes, Anna is able to suck you into her world, a magnificent feat that proves we’re dealing with a seriously gifted artist.

As if I wasn’t already smitten enough with the musician, I just found out that she features heavily on a few of rapper Logic’s albums that have been a staple part of my musical diet growing up. There seems to be no end to the talent that Anna possesses, and I can’t wait to hear what she gets up to next!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Slot Machines’ on Spotify now:


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