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Ella Eliza Strives Towards Authenticity in ‘Life Without Me’

‘Life Without Me’ helps explain the buzzing hype around Ella Eliza. Vibrant, emotional and relatable, the record is everything we have ever wanted: an eclectic, crepuscular instrumental, poignant vocals and anthemic harmonies. The result is a single that never lets go, wrapping around the listeners into a cathartic, cinematic embrace – one we won’t forget anytime soon. 

Eliza has been building a sizeable following over time, mostly in her home base of London. Constantly waving in and out of electronic pop and dreamy indie matter, the British songstress writes about self-reflection, love, attraction and empowerment. ‘Life Without Me’ is rather nostalgic in its lyricism, delving into the many complexities and nuances around troubled relationships. 

What’s more, the single also benefits from a stunning music video, delivered by Eliza in partnership with accomplished LGBTQ+ filmmaker Frankie Joe Gommon. A fragile, honest and fierce tale of personal expression, as Eliza explains: “With this new song, I had just gone through a breakup, and found myself writing something deeply personal and a lot more self-reflective. After speaking with Frankie about making this video, I decided that I was ready to open up about my sexuality for the first time, and let my audience in on some of the most vulnerable parts of myself.”

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