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Discover Tophouse’s Folky Wonder ‘Number One’

Tophouse is a Montana-raised, now Nashville-based foursome who have built up a name for themselves in the Americana/folk music scene. In January of this year, they released a brand new EP called ‘Campfire Stories’ which features a truly beautiful little ditty called ‘Number One’. A sweet acoustic guitar immediately greets you before Joseph Larson’s banjo and the stellar violin-playing of William Cook are both introduced. Larson then makes his vocal introduction with a warm and tender approach as he invites you into Tophouse’s world, if only for a little over three minutes. 

The band are truly independent in every sense of the word. Doing all of their own recording, mixing, and mastering in their home studio, they also take full responsibility for their ever-growing social media presence. When they tour, they do it in style with William’s Subaru, packed to the brim with all of their equipment and belongings for thousand-mile road trips.

In today’s music industry, it’s rare to come across a band that is entirely self-sufficient. Tophouse, however, is one of the few. Their independent spirit shines through in their latest EP ‘Campfire Stories’ and especially in the standout track ‘Number One’.

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Number One’ on Spotify now:


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