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Discover John Conlin’s Dark Pop Single ‘Love Me Just a Little’

Los Angeles-based pop star John Conlin came crashing into my world towards the end of last year when he released his pulsating and energetic banger ‘Months and Months’. I fell in love with John’s honest and fearless approach to songwriting, and found myself patiently waiting for more new music. One week ago, Conlin answered my call.

‘Love Me Just a Little’ is the artist’s brand new single, and it’s a tune that takes on a darker, rockier appearance when compared to its predecessor. Sure, it’s still a pop song at its core, but its raw and edgy undertones showcase another side to John’s artistry that I wasn’t quite expecting. It’s fresh modern dark pop…and I’m very much here for it!

“‘Love Me Just a Little takes listeners on a journey of screaming into the void,” says the musician. “Expressing the desperate desire for connection”.

Drawing inspiration from icons like ABBA, Queen, and Lady Gaga, John Conlin is an artist who is ready to take on the world. Slowly but surely, his music is gaining traction, and his bold and daring sound is becoming more and more appreciated. I’m so excited to be along for the ride, and champion a musician who is so richly deserving of recognition.

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Love Me Just a Little’ on Spotify now:


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