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Discover Homemade Soundtracks’ Cinematic Prowess in ‘Acoustic Garden’

Andreas Gejke’s artistic explorations showcase a musical journey fuelled by ambition, inspiration and dedication. Coming together as a one-man band and armed with influences from Hans Zimmer to In Flames, he’s created a unique and captivating sound that has been shaped by his travels around the globe. Taking the musical moniker of Homemade Soundtracks, the talented Swedish champions soulful, soothing and organic acoustic tones, using a good old guitar to build transformative and uplifting sonic trips, hypnotising the listeners into succumbing to escapism and dreaminess. 

‘Acoustic Garden’ is the project’s latest effort, an EP containing three wonderful and majestic tracks. From the Spanish-flavoured cinematic gem ‘Silver Tale’ to the nostalgic ‘Garden Swing’, passing through the poignant number ‘Train to Somewhere’. There’s a strong sense of resilience and understanding in the record, as if Homemade Soundtracks was trying to inspire its listeners, motivating them to take life with a pinch of salt, appreciating the small details. Orchestral embellishments fade in and out at times, augmenting the emotional factor ‘Acoustic Garden’ has to offer. 

What makes Andreas’ story even more remarkable is the fact that he recorded and produced the album in his mother’s basement over the summer of 2022. This was his first time mixing music and he admits it was a tricky but enjoyable process. Needless to say, the results are absolutely phenomenal, delivering a record that will go a long way in gaining Homemade Soundtracks a larger audience. 

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