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Discover Duke Keats’ Dreamy New Single ‘Heavy Heartbreak’

With his first release of 2024, Coventry-based singer/songwriter and producer Duke Keats offers up a sophisticated indie-pop tune that wonderfully showcases his musical evolution and progress. ‘Heavy Heartbreak’ combines elements of lo-fi with electro, rock, and funk to concoct a dreamy and synth-laden piece of music that just becomes ingrained in the listener’s consciousness. Working alongside Mase Le Long (Batsch), Duke’s latest track artfully blends poignant and honest lyricism with a soundscape that is deeply immersive, innovative, and boundary-pushing.

Last year, we proudly labelled Duke Keats as “the most original project we had heard this year”, after thoroughly enjoying his quirky and hypnotising EP ‘Dirty Glamour’. With ‘Heavy Heartbreak’, he continues to amaze us. Presenting a more “mainstream” sound when compared to ‘Dirty Glamour’, it’s his ability to swim between genres so comfortably that truly makes him such a special artist.

‘Heavy Heartbreak’ will form part of Duke’s upcoming EP ‘Bornstar’, and it’s a record that we’re seriously looking forward to. It’s the thrill of the unknown really…which direction will he go? Only time will tell. 

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Heavy Heartbreak’ on Spotify now:


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