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Dirty Mitts Share Rock’n’Roll Anthem ‘Ride the Storm’

‘Ride The Storm’ is the rock’n’roll anthem you were waiting for. Channelling a vintage sense of rawness and fierceness, the track is built on primal and traditional elements, shying away from modern artificial tools and overdubs. From the gritty and fuzzy guitar riffs, packed with character and charisma, to the chaotic and anthemic drums, it all drives the record towards a glorious resolution, while boasting Dirty Mitts’ thriving artistic flair.  

Tommy’s vocals are some of the best we have heard lately, especially regarding rock territories. Channelling his inner Jimmy Page (music-wise), he engages in crystal clear sustained notes and noisy screams, making for a euphoric and empowering listening experience. Matt, Mo and Mateusz complete what’s a compelling line-up, both in terms of instrumental and lyrical prowess. 

‘Ride The Storm’ is taken from Dirty Mitts’ latest EP, ‘Hands Off’, and it also gets given a stunning music video, further reiterating the group’s libertine and enthusiastic aesthetic. Based in London, it’s clear the Dirty Mitts are on to something real, and judging by their current output, it won’t be long before the wider music industry takes notice. Stay tuned. 

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