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Devon Nickoles Unveils Cathartic Jewel ‘Gold Star’

‘Gold Star’ is exactly the type of record we are constantly looking for. Poignant, cathartic and hypnotising, the track represents the perfect artistic vehicle for personal reflection and melancholic evenings. Introduced by gentle textures, the single slowly develops into an alt-folk masterpiece, with carefully curated sound design featuring an intimate piano, minimal drums and a veiled cinematic flair. 

Devon Nickoles’ evocative, luscious vocals crown ‘Gold Star’ perfectly, also showcasing their malleable and powerful qualities. Weaving in and out from an understated tone and a more uplifting, majestic one, the American songstress wraps the listeners into emotional territories, helping them truly relate to the song. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the record, Nickoles explains: “A transcendent voyage of introspection and exploration, underscored by the symbolism of tarot cards signalling new beginnings and the courage to embrace uncertainty”.

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