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Damon Modarres Returns with Luscious Gem ‘Jungle, Juice’

Having debuted a year ago with ‘4am’, Damon Modarres has certainly made the most of it, achieving a staggering 300k streams on that track alone. A strong start for the American artist, a talented newcomer who embodies one of the most nuanced and luscious artistry we have come across in a long time. Exploring soulful and passionate RnB, the Rockville resident manages to deliver nuggets of relatable and vibey energy, capable of enchanting even the most apathetic of listeners. 

‘Jungle Juice’ is the project’s latest single. While it might have taken a long time for it to surface, the end result is non-surprisingly a triumph, serving as a confirmation of all the good things we heard in ‘4am’. Over a laidback and groovy beat, Modarres lays evocative and malleable vocals, greatly enriched by the veiled textures and spacious effects making the record the jewel it is.

Lyrically, ‘Jungle Juice’ delves into love and relationships, looking for introspecticism and relatability. As Damon explains: “Sometimes people make feelings and moments more complicated than it has to be, and this song tells you that two people can simply live in the moment without thinking about what comes after, so ‘just relax and breathe, open your mind to new possibilities’”.

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