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CRXSSXS and Merunisa Team Up on Bouncy Banger ‘Anxious Avoidant’

Quite a record from CRXSSXS. The London-based producer shares his latest effort, a stunningly luscious and catchy offering navigating contemporary RnB territories and trap influences. What’s more, the track is enriched by Merunisa’s soulful vocals, helping place the track in the heart of listeners worldwide. How could it not be? ‘Anxious Avoidant’ is a true earworm, a chart-ready banger with a knack for poignancy and relatable lyricism. 

Penned by the duo and producer 248, the track sets out to be an introspective exploration of human attachment styles and the ways in which we fall into them. CRXSSXS hopes to inspire his listeners in becoming more conscious of these patterns, and recognize the ways in which they shape our relationships and interactions. Initially written on a piano, ‘Anxious Avoidant’ soon transformed into a charming and nuanced offering, incorporating elements of RnB and afrobeat, among others.

If eclecticism is the word, so is limitless. Showcasing a high degree of musical wisdom, both CRXSSXS and Merunisa feel more and more like stars on the rise, consistently delivering stunning gems and convincing records. 

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