Cody James Shares Relatable Gem ‘Sacrificing Dreams’

Making engaging guitar-based music these days ain’t easy, but Cody James seems to have found his winning formula. Layering fuzzy guitars over funk-flavoured drum grooves, the Green Bay talent is slowly building a nuanced career based on relatable and friendly material, charming the listeners with a heightened flair for storytelling and introspective lyricism. Take ‘Sacrificing Dreams’, James’ latest effort. Quite minimal in its arrangement, the track fully delivers Cody’s vision and passion for his craft, putting his dynamic and poignant vocals at the forefront of the record. 

The listening experience is light, yet meaningful. Appealing to both pop and rock connoisseurs, the song has a very large potential audience. James’ story is one of ambition and drive, and it’s clear that he has the determination to rise above the struggles of everyday life and create something bigger. Pursuing music from a young age, it’s no wonder the Green Bay resident is able to convey such convoluted imagery in simple terms. 

Learning guitar at age 7 and playing professionally at 14, Cody James has been championing a rather long career as a performer and musician, eventually focusing on a solo effort. Following the footsteps of Gary Clark Jr and John Mayer, among others, the American talent is set for glory. Make sure you are part of it. 

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