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Che Arthur Returns with Gritty New Single ‘No Harbor’

Growing up, I dreamt of being a sound engineer for all of my favourite acts. Going on tour with them…experiencing them play live…all of it! Che Arthur is lucky enough to call my dream his reality. The Chicago-based musician and engineer has toured with the likes of Silversun Pickups, Minus the Bear, and Manchester Orchestra. He’s also a successful solo artist in his own right, and today I’d like to dive into his brand new single ‘No Harbor’.

Serving as the first single from Che’s forthcoming album ‘For That Which Now Lies Fallow’, ‘No Harbor’ is a gritty and straightforward rock ‘n roll tune. All bells and whistles are left at the door in favour of a heartfelt and candid sound that also contains hints of the brooding intensity found in post-hardcore. It’s potent and authentic and offers a glimpse into Che’s unapologetic artistic integrity.

Speaking about the creation of his latest record, Arthur says that it was made, essentially, to communicate with people. “I’ve learned that one of the things I can do to keep myself above water mentally is leave my house and play in front of people. That’s the reason I wrote this album – so that I could get some of those thoughts and feelings out of myself and communicate them”.

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘No Harbor’ on Spotify now:


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